BG 086: How Did Descartes Die?

Episode Description:

Join us this week as we speak with Dr. Peter Grossenbacher, director of the Consciousness Laboratory at Naropa University, about the difference between Eastern and Western modes of inquiry, sensory awareness practice, and of the importance of contemplative education.

Peter ties together the Eastern and Western schools of thought by pointing out that they are both loosely interested in the empirical, or what is observable. He also explains the sensory awareness practice that he guides students through, and in our first guided practice here on Buddhist Geeks, leads us through a few minutes of sensory awareness practice. We finish our discussion with Peter touching briefly on the role of “contemplative education,” or in an education that is attempting to bring together conceptual and non-conceptual modes of learning.

This is part 2 of a two-part series. Listen to Part 1, The Consciousness Laboratory.

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Peter Grossenbacher