BG 112: Vajrayana in Plain English

Episode Description:

In this episode, we continue our dialogue with Shingon teacher Hokai Sobol. We begin our conversation by dropping a difficult question on Hokai, asking him how the Vajrayana traditions (both the Japanese and Tibetan) can maintain relevance in our post-modern and rapidly changing world. He suggests that we must develop a “Vajrayana in Plain English,” one that is germane to the particularities of this time and space.

And as the 1st generation of Buddhist teachers and leaders near retirement-age, now is the only time that we have to do so. Listen in to hear his take on making the Vajrayana not only more relevant, but on it becoming a pioneering force and cultural leader in today’s world. This includes the way that Buddhist teachings, practice, & even creative expressions are presented. It includes nothing less than a bold transformation of the tradition.

This is part 2 of a two-part series. Listen to part 1, Japanese Shingon: The True Word School.

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Hokai Sobol

Hokai Sobol is committed to the formulation of an authentic, no-nonsense spirituality for the 21st century, and has been waving the flag for 20+ years as teacher, publisher, and bridge builder. Teaching with groups and individuals, organizing events and programs, translating and publishing titles from leading edge authors, contributing actively through writings online and offline, he’s been spurring and assisting the emergence and propagation of a non-sectarian, real world, ‘post-eastwest’ Dharma.

Website: Hokai Sobol | 21st Century Dharma
Twitter: @HokaiSobol