Mental Fitness Enthusiasts Will Be Feeling the Wellbeing Burn in 2013.

From Wii Fit to Zombies Run! there has been a boom in the usage of technologies to help us monitor and improve physical health. In 2013, products, apps and services will focus less on the body and more on the mind. Mental health has traditionally been a term associated with clinical conditions. However, since everyone has a personal interest in better ways to minimise stress and maximize wellbeing, alongside the technology-led advances in clinical contexts, popular mental fitness will come into its own as a domain for entrepreneurship and mainstream innovation.

Amid a debate on whether digital technology diminishes our attention spans and hinders genuine connections with others, it’s easy to extrapolate, however wrongly, that digital tools are bad for our minds.

An abundance of cheaply provided apps will challenge such arguments in 2013. Neuroscientists, psychologists and experts in meditation will be actively involved in the design of new mind-positive technologies. These will include tools that collect personal data showing when we are happy and why we are happy, so that we can optimizee our experience.

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Rohan Gunatillake

Rohan Gunatillake is a restless meditator and occassional blogger at He is passionate about what happens when authentic spirituality meets 21stcentury urban life and so that is what he mostly writes about and perhaps spends a little too much time daydreaming new ways of expressing the Dhamma in the language and culture of our times. A reformed management consultant, he now tries to make a living helping creative organisations get better digitally and can most often be found in Glasgow or London or on trains between the two. Even though they do make him feel a bit seasick when they go too fast around corners.