We Need More Buddhist Startups

Episode Description:

How do we create Buddhist startups? What types of products would a Buddhist startup create?

In this video clip taken from the Buddhist Geeks Conference, Rohan Gunatillake shares with us his thoughts on why creating Buddhist startups is important and his personal experience building his mobile meditation app, buddhify.

We’ll be exploring these topics and more at the Buddhist Geeks Conference, Aug. 16th — 18th in Boulder, Colorado. Click here to reserve your seat before our super early-bird tickets expire on Feb. 28th.

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Rohan Gunatillake

Rohan Gunatillake is a restless meditator and occassional blogger at 21awake.com. He is passionate about what happens when authentic spirituality meets 21stcentury urban life and so that is what he mostly writes about and perhaps spends a little too much time daydreaming new ways of expressing the Dhamma in the language and culture of our times. A reformed management consultant, he now tries to make a living helping creative organisations get better digitally and can most often be found in Glasgow or London or on trains between the two. Even though they do make him feel a bit seasick when they go too fast around corners.

Website: 21awake.com