It’s a new day here at Buddhist Geeks. Over the past three months we’ve been hard at work on a newly designed We’ve teamed up with PowerUp Productions to do a complete re-design and build of the site. The old site has served us really well, and has been a great portal for folks listening to the podcast and finding out more about what we’re up to. But there are several ways that we’ve outgrown our current site architecture and need something more dynamic, which can serve as a single source for all the projects we’re doing, including the Podcast, LabConference, and Life Retreat, as well as serve as the hub for a growing community of Buddhist Geeks.

Take the BG Site Tour

We believe that less is more. That’s why we’ve incorporated contemplative design principles into the overall look and feel of the site, offering the user an elegant, friendly, and intuitive BG experience. Take the guided tour of the new site and see for yourself!

Guided Tour of the New Buddhist Geeks from Buddhist Geeks on Vimeo.

Introducing the Life Retreat

The Life Retreat is a virtual retreat designed to help optimize your practice in daily life. It uses regular personalized instruction with a meditation teacher, along with weekly group sessions, to facilitate rapid progress in practice–something that’s normally only possible when you have time to go away on intensive meditation retreats.

By harnessing the power of regular feedback, to modify your daily practice, we’ve found it’s possible to overcome hurdles that could otherwise take years to work through. We feel like this is an innovative approach to the issues facing modern practitioners and are excited to welcome all of you to join us for our upcoming Life Retreat with Emily and Vincent Horn. We’ve also brought on a great and diverse group of meditation teachers as we plan to offer a Life Retreat each month. Check out our Life Retreats on Authentic Leadership with Lodro Rinzler, Pragmatic Dharma with Kenneth Folk and Beth Resnick-Folk, Foundations of Meditation with Erin Hill Selover and Emily Horn, and Loving the Self & Losing the Self with Matthew Brensilver.

More on the Way

And we’ve got more geeky fun in the works too. Stay tuned to Buddhist Geeks in the coming months as we’ll be launching a new community project to help you bring your life into your practice with other Buddhist Geeks from around the world. It just might be the start of a new kind of practice community!


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