BG 290: Truth is a Red Herring

Episode Description:

Ken Mcleod is one of the more innovative teachers of Buddhism today, known for his ability to explain difficult and subtle teachings. In this conversation with host Vincent Horn, Ken takes on one of the most difficult topics to pin down: the “Truth”.

They begin the conversation by examining the supposition that the path to enlightenment is ultimately to find the “Truth”. Vincent talks about how his early efforts in practice were rooted in the need to find the “Truth”, and how his motivations and understanding have changed. Ken relates his own recent advances on the topic. The two then examine the role and representation of the “Truth” in context of spiritual practice, psychological well being, and philosophical inquiry. They then explore the parallels of “Truth” and “Enlightenment” and how each idea is shaped and defined by the culture and by the individual.

This is part one of a two part series. Listen to part two BG 291: Questioning Frameworks of Practice.

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Ken McLeod

Ken Mcleod is one of the more innovative teachers of Buddhism today. Known for his ability to explain difficult and subtle teachings, “he distills the nature and purpose of Buddhism to make it accessible for any newcomer without dumbing it down.” (Phil Catalfo, Yoga Journal, July 2001 in a review of Ken’s first book Wake up to Your Life).
Ken’s private practice model of one-on-one consultations roiled the Buddhist world in the ‘90s only to become an accepted way of working with students. In recent years, he has worked as a corporate consultant, advising executives from startups and Fortune 100 companies. With degrees in mathematics and years of experience in traditional Tibetan Buddhism, Ken is uniquely able to bridge the gap between contemporary life and traditional approaches to spiritual practice.

Website: Unfettered Mind