From Inquiring Mind, Vol. 31, #2 (Spring 2015). © 2015 by Inquiring Mind. Used by permission. As we plunge more deeply into the Internet Age, the question of how rapid technological innovation is changing our understanding and practice of Buddhism naturally comes to the fore. None of us is exempt from the challenge of maintaining […]

Thanks to all who helped us reach our initial crowd funding goal of $10,000. That money will help protect Buddhist Geeks over the next year as our organization shifts, adapts, and (hopefully) grows. I am filled with gratitude at the thought of all this support. I also feel called to share a bit of my […]

It pains me some to admit this, but in the summer of 2012–just after our annual conference–the domain was stolen right out from under our noses. For five gut-wrecking days, after discovering our domain had been snipped, I worked out a deal to buy our domain name back from a Ukrainian domain pirate. Guess […]

A few days ago Vincent shared with you the vision for the new Buddhist Geeks Community and now I’d like let you in on a little bit on what’s already been happening; the story so far. At two months old the community is home to over 100 members from a diversity of backgrounds, traditions, ages, […]

Dear Buddhist Geeks, I want to share what we’ve been working on behind-the-scenes this last several months, with the new Buddhist Geeks Community. My hope is that at the end of this piece you’ll have a better sense for why we’re doing this and some insight into the creative/thought process that have led us here. […]

The Buddhist community is no stranger to scandal. With the news of the Sasaki Roshi case making its way into mainstream media earlier this year, scandals in the Buddhist world are increasingly having a greater impact on students, teachers, and society at large. And it’s no wonder with the issues of fear, power, sexism and […]

One aim of Buddhist Geeks is to continue innovating on some of the brilliant developments of the past. While we are fortunate enough, in this day and age, to have many options and retreat centers for contemplative practice–there seems to be a growing discontent with the gap between being on retreat and off retreat. As […]

It’s a new day here at Buddhist Geeks. Over the past three months we’ve been hard at work on a newly designed We’ve teamed up with PowerUp Productions to do a complete re-design and build of the site. The old site has served us really well, and has been a great portal for folks […]

My partner Emily and I just got back for the 4th annual Wisdom 2.0 Conference held in San Francisco, California. The stated purpose of the conference is to explore Wisdom in the Digital Age. Strangely, I’ve had tickets to all four of the Wisdom 2.0 conferences, but this was the first year I’ve been able […]

What happens when you bring together a long-time meditation teacher interested in advanced mathematics and science with a Harvard neuroscientist who is an avid meditator? You get the Harvard Brain Study on Shinzen Young Meditators. Together, Shinzen Young and Dave Vago have teamed-up to investigate what happens in the brain when you apply Shinzen Young’s […]