Join us in Boulder, Colorado for the Buddhist Geeks Conference from Oct 16-19th

Not Your Normal Buddhist Conference


“It’s clear that the electronic virtual interconnected web and online world is the wild way the Dharma stream is flowing, and the Geeks have their minds dialed into revolutionary next generation.”

-Jack Kornfield, Senior Buddhist Teacher


“What’s a Buddhist Geek? It’s someone with an interest in technology and Buddhist Wisdom who wants to figure out how to use technology to reinvent a thousands-year-old spiritual practice to be more accessible, more relevant and easier to integrate into our lives.”

-Jane McGonigal, Silicon Valley Game Designer

"Geekery could bring a radical heart and soul to the 21st century."

"It's become a community, maybe even a sangha. And there's no app for that."

"They're asking big questions, such as 'Can videogames lead to enlightenment?'"

Vincent Horn

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Susan Piver

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David Loy

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