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“It’s clear that the electronic virtual interconnected web and online world is the wild way the Dharma stream is flowing, and the Geeks have their minds dialed into the revolutionary next generation.” – Jack Kornfield, Senior Buddhist Teacher

In 2014 we officially became a 501(c)3 educational non-profit. Our purpose is to:

  • Synthesize contemplative wisdom with contemporary culture & technology
  • Provide educational programming aimed at deepening mindful awareness, wisdom, and compassion
  • Catalyze positive social change through awakening to our fundamental interdependence

Buddhist Geeks achieves this purpose through our free podcast, online and in-person retreats, and our virtual training dojo. Our core programs are inspired by the Buddhist contemplative tradition and we aim to make them accessible globally.

Our Goal

This is our annual giving campaign. Our goal this year is to raise at least $20,000 up-front + $1,000 a month. This will enable us to keep the podcast free, continue offering scholarships to those in need, and allow us to keep the sliding scale as low as possible for events.


Ways to Give



All donations are tax deductible + the first $5,000 we receive in one-time donations will be matched by a generous donor!

A Big Gift: We wouldn’t still exist as an organization without our benefactors. Over the years, many people have stepped up to give larger gifts. If you’re interested in being involved at this level, please contact us at

The Lives We Touch

A little bit about the impact we’ve had over the past several years.

The Podcast

“My first non-text connection to the sangha (Buddhist community). Fresh, amusing, playful, honest, and warm. Guests, who always share insight, come from varied traditions/experiences within and outside Buddhism so content is always innovative and interesting. Free to download but well worth donating to!” – iTunes review

The freely offered Podcast is the heart & soul of the Buddhist Geeks project and since its launch in 2007 has:

  • Released over 350 episodes with hundreds of interview guests. All of these episodes have been released free of charge to anyone who wants access.
  • Been downloaded an average of 81,500 times per month–or over 7.5 million unique downloads in total.
  • Become one of the top 3 most popular Buddhist podcasts in the world.
  • Supported tens of thousands of people in learning more about Buddhist practice in the 21st century.


“Taking part on the Buddhist Geeks’ Life Retreat has brought fresh energy and renewed confidence in my meditation practice, access to top class teachers and connected me to committed practitioners from around the world. And all from the comfort of my home. I recommend it highly.” – Rohan Gunatillake,

The Buddhist Geeks Life Retreat Program has had 25 small teams with 140 participants hailing from 19 countries from around the world.

Cloud-based Sangha

“It’s become a community, maybe even a sangha. And there’s no app for that. Not yet, anyway.” – Tricycle Magazine

Interesting Data Points from Buddhist Geeks Community (June 2013-2014):

  • People from 45 different countries entered the community
  • We received 1,369 applications in 12 months
  • Over 50% of applications were under 40 years old and a full 75% were under 50

What We’re Using your Hard-Earned $ For

This giving campaign is helping fill out our core operations fund. This covers all the recurring costs we incur to run the Buddhist Geeks Podcast, the website, app, accounting, legal, etc. It also goes toward a small amount of administrative support, in the form of a part-time administrative assistant. We run Buddhist Geeks as a lean, mean meditating machine. That said, there are still some things that only money can buy. We really appreciate you helping us do this!

A Closing Story

We received the following e-mail from one of our podcast guests, a contemplative researcher at Brown University named Willoughby Britton. Willoughby studies and speaks regularly on the potential negative side effects of meditation–an unpopular topic that we’ve been actively exploring since Episode #3 of the Podcast:

I gave a talk on the Dark Night study last week in Toronto. One of the audience members was a Dark Night yogi who said that my Buddhist Geeks podcast was the reason he didn’t kill himself.

That comment certainly gave my sometimes tedious work an infusion, which I thought I would pass along since it wouldn’t have happened without you. Know that your work has made a real difference.

Happy Monday,


Thank you for helping us make a real difference!