Meditative Inquiry : A New Life Retreat starting May 3rd with Vincent & Emily Horn

Our Team

Buddhist Geeks is run by a small team of talented and passionate geeks:

Vincent Horn
Vincent Horn is a Buddhist Geek and digital innovator. In addition to being an experienced meditation practitioner, and teacher, Vincent co-founded the popular media company Buddhist Geeks where he currently serves as Chief Geek. His work focuses on the fusion of nascent technology and contemplative wisdom, and has been featured on the pages of Wired, Fast Company, Tricycle, and the Los Angeles Times. Along with his wife Emily, he makes his home in Asheville, NC—that is until the distinction between atoms and bits dissolves completely.
Emily Horn
Emily Horn is a meditation teacher, as well as the community director at Buddhist Geeks. She develops retreats and support structures for people dedicated to living a contemplative life in the modern world. She has taught mindfulness classes at InsightLA, and is currently in the Insight Meditation Society and Spirit Rock Retreat Teacher Training led by Jack Kornfield, Trudy Goodman, Joseph Goldstein, and others. Emily has also managed projects in contemplative education environments including Naropa University, InsightLA, and Sounds True. She lives in Asheville, NC with her husband Vincent.
Daniel Thorson
Daniel Thorson is a social activist, Buddhist Geek and lover of all things technology. He has taught insight meditation at Kripalu Yoga Center and Occupy Wall Street (where he lived and worked for seven months in 2011-2012). Currently he is serving as the assistant community director of the Buddhist Geeks Community. Daniel loves to geek out at the intersections of contemplative practice, technology, community and social justice. He is the founder of The Mindfulness Tutor, a Boulder based company teaching mindfulness to young people and their families.

We’re also supported by a close network of mentors and advisers:

Jerry Colonna
Jerry Colonna was a venture capitalist in New York City and played a prominent part in the early development of Silicon Alley--he is known by some as the “Yoda of Silicon Alley.” He is currently a life and business coach and serves as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Naropa University. Jerry is an investor and close mentor to the Buddhist Geeks team.
Rohan Gunatillake
Rohan Gunatillake is an innovation producer and meditation entrepreneur. Rohan works with leading arts organisations on how they can do more with the thinking and tools of the digital age and is the creator of buddhify, the popular mobile meditation app. He is based in Glasgow, Scotland.
Hokai Sobol
Hokai Sobol has long been behind-the-scenes of Buddhist Geeks, supporting as a mentor, philosopher, and friend. He has learned from various sources, both East and West, is a practitioner and teacher in Shingon tradition of Japanese Vajrayana. He has worked for 20 years as translator and publisher. Areas of interest include: integrative practices, sacred art, ritual, semiotics, and post-secularity. Hokai lives in Rijeka, Croatia.